Nails Enhancement

We specialize in manicure and special nail design. We have high skilled technicians who offers full set nails, fill in nails, polish changes, nail repair, paraffin wax, dipping powder and liquid gel nails.


Getting your nails done is a time-honored way for women—and nowadays also for men—to relax. Getting a pedicure makes you feel pampered and well cared for, and when you’re done, you feel clean and energized. The foot massage that come with pedicure services helps to stimulate circulation in the feet, which is important for your overall foot health. We offer several pedicure options that meet all your feet needs.

Permanent Make-up Tattoo

Look your Best much easier than you think! A little help of cleverly and expertly applied Permanent Makeup will go a long way in helping you to achieve those perfect arches, smoldering eyes or sexy pout, 24/7! Wake up looking refreshed and get to work, the gym, beach or sporting activities without the tedious daily makeup ritual! …And when you’re done, find your brows, eyes and lips in still perfect shape!


If you are heading south on vacation, make sure you first stop into Nails Spa Salon in Maple Grove to insure your manicure looks as good as the rest of you. Waxing is available allowing you to show off that new suit and do it with confidence.