Maple Grove MN Nails Spa Salon celebrates 10th year in Business

Maple Grove Minnesota Nails Spa Salon celebrates 10th year in Business .

When Mr. Jimmy Lee opened the Nails, Spa, Salon in Maple Grove Minnesota he knew it would be a success based on the wonderful people who live in Maple Grove and Osseo Minnesota and those who come in to Main Street in Arbor Lakes from many surrounding communities and states. Nails, Spa, Salon still located at it’s fabulously designed studio at 7794 Main Street, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Mr. Lee has been more than just a business owner to the Maple Grove Community, he is also a major participant in many school and city events. Nails, Spa and Salon gives special discounts to students and donates to many a school related events.

Mr. Lee and his dedicated staff cares about your experience at Nails, Spa, Salon in Maple Grove Minnesota.  Sally rarely misses a manicure or pedicure. She loves the personal pampering receives each time she comes into the studio. “It is relaxing and the nail artists are sensational. I leave feeling uplifted and pretty. What more could a girl ask for?”

Tim with loves to get  a manicure after returning from work in the Bakken Oil Fields. “When I am making a sales call, no one wants to see at fingers that like they have been digging in a scoria pile all day. Besides, Nails, Spa, Salon in Maple Grove Minnesotais a place to unwind after a hard week in North Dakota. Guys listen, no matter how much you think men shouldn’t care about their hands; those manly mugs do get noticed.  Overgrown cuticles, alligator skin, and dirt under jagged nails impress no one. You shower, shave, and trim your hair right and brush your teeth? So why not take care of those very noticeable paws?”

Nails Spa Salon maple Grove Minnesota

Real Men Visit Nails Spa Salon in Maple Grove


So please watch our website for some exciting Nails, Spa, Salon specials to celebrate our 10th year in Maple Grove Minnesota. Please call us at  Phone 763.420.9000 , stop in or e-mail us



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